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Welcome to Wythenshawe Campus


We offer a wide range of curriculum opportunities within an environment dedicated to building self-esteem and life skills. Wythenshawe Campus is EBSD day school that provides high quality education for children between the ages of 14 and 16.  The school meets the needs of a diverse group of students exhibiting behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, alongside a range of other associated conditions which can hinder academic progress.  We have created a high quality learning environment in which all our students can reach their potential in vocational, academic and social development.


Students at Wythenshawe Campus study a broad, balanced and differentiated range of subjects, through which they can access the National Curriculum for Key Stages 4. We also have specialist facilities and teachers for Catering, Business, Sport, ICT, English and Maths. Every student at our school benefits from individual educational support including a curriculum tailored to their individual needs.

Wythenshawe Campus is an inclusive environment which is committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn, to do their best, and to embrace new challenges.  We aim to develop students who are confident, independent learners, with the skills to continue their education and become socially responsible adults.



Message from the Head Teacher


The vision of Wythenshawe Campus is to provide high quality, child centred education; education that meets the needs of the individual; education that nurtures social and emotional development; education that prepares students for their adult lives and promotes independence.

Staff at Wythenshawe Campus all have high expectations of our students in terms of their educational attainments, and of the social and moral values that we instil in them. As individuals our students are held in extremely high regard. We take personal and professional pride in their development and achievements.

My own personal belief regarding the development of all young people is that given the right environment all students can make progress and achieve. It is the fundamental role of our job as educators to create the correct nurturing environment to facilitate personal growth and development.

At Wythenshawe Campus you will find a group of staff committed to supporting the individual needs of students, committed to delivering high quality education, and rigorous in their approach to nurture and care for all our students.


I look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Sean Whitehead