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 Practical Horticulture Skills – City & Guilds                                            Level 1 – Award, Certificate, Diploma


      Course Content


The City & Guilds award, certificate and diploma has been designed for students who would like to prepare for a career in outdoor horticultural environments. This course will be part of a programme where the majority of the study is practical based in a number of different horticultural environments including parks, allotments and sports grounds.

The qualification comprises of mandatory units and will be assessed by observation of practical tasks.

What you will learn:

Propagating, growing and caring for plants– trees, shrubs, bedding, fruit and vegetables and turf. Plus, parts of the outdoor environment – paving, fencing and benches


For the Award: -


Prepare ground for sowing or planting

Plant container grown subjects


For the Certificate: -


The above plus

Prepare soil and apply organic mulch

Water a bed, border or area of plants in containers

Care for a planted area

prune deciduous spring flowering shrubs

Sow seeds indoors in containers

Maintain paved areas


For the Diploma: -


All the above plus

Determine soil pH with colour indicator test kit

Prepare and plant a container for display

Prune hedges by hand

Prune deciduous shrubs flowering on current season’s growth

Lift, divide and plant herbaceous perennials

Prick out seedlings singly

Propagate by stem cuttings

Pot up rooted cuttings, large seedlings, or plugs by hand

Use a wheeled rotary mower

Identify trees and shrubs



       More than just a Course


Research carried out by Lantra in 2013 found that micro-businesses dominate the land-based

and environmental sector; 85% of Horticulture businesses employ fewer than ten people.

Horticulture is a large industry within the land-based and environmental sector representing

18% of the businesses (27,860) and 24% of the employment, of which the majority are

full-time employees; however, this emphasises the need for employees to have a variety of skills to help organisations grow and remain profitable.

The Horticulture industry has an ageing workforce; in Amenity Horticulture, 60% are aged 40

or over and for Production Horticulture, 41% are aged 50 or over. Key decision makers within

Production Horticulture are around 55 years of age and around half of these do not have

successors. By completing the course, students are making themselves more employable and can look at jobs such as Gardener, Landscaper, Nursery Worker, Fruit and Vegetable Production Worker, Greenkeeper.




This qualifications provide knowledge and practical skills at level 1

On completion of this qualification students may want to progress on to The Practical Skills in Horticulture level 2. This is an apprenticeship which can done at Manchester college at the Northern Campus.


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