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English Functional Skills

English Functional Skills


     About Functional Skills

Find out what Functional Skills qualifications are, who they’re for and how they’re assessed.


     What are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are qualifications in English, mathematics and ICT that equip learners with the practical skills needed to live, learn and work successfully. Edexcel Functional Skills are available in England only from Entry 1 to Level 2. Suitable for learners of all ages, they’re also a mandatory part of all Apprenticeship frameworks in England.

How are Edexcel Functional Skills assessed?


Functional Skills assessment can be either onscreen or paper-based.


This table summarises how Edexcel Functional Skills are assessed:


   What the Course Covers


    The aims of these qualifications are to develop learner understanding and skills in:


    Level 1


Speaking, Listening and Communication – take full part in formal and informal discussions and exchanges that include unfamiliar subjects.

Reading – read and understand a range of straightforward texts.

Writing – write a range of texts to communicate information, ideas and opinions using formats and styles suitable for their purpose and audience. 


     Level 2


Speaking, Listening and Communication – make a range of contributions to discussions in a range of contexts, including those that are unfamiliar, and make effective presentations.

Reading – select, read, understand and compare texts and use them to gather information, ideas, arguments and opinions.

Writing – write a range of texts, including extended written documents communication information, ideas and opinions, effectively and persuasively.